New Online Betting Sites UK

When the commercial side of the internet was still in its sweet and innocent phase back at the turn of the century, online betting sites sprang up (seemingly overnight) like a breath of fresh air to the delight of punters everywhere. While many of those platforms came and went, some – the ones that were able to adapt and innovate – garnered a niche for themselves, which in time became a strong and fully established online presence.

Now regarded as trusted and respectable, this ‘old guard’ of familiar faces is omnipresent, popping up all over the Internet and reminding you to bet now whenever there’s an ad break on TV. Today, the established major operators, trusted and respected as they may be, are under threat. Brand new betting sites created by bright young things with state-of-the-art software are not only taking online betting to a whole new level, they’re taking on the established big guns in their own backyard.

So what advantages do these new online betting sites have? Where are they to be found and, perhaps more importantly, how do you choose the right one? Read on to find out.

New Online Bookmakers

Finding New Bookmakers UK

While heading over to Google may seem like the most convenient way of looking for new betting sites, there is a bit of a fatal flaw in this plan. The algorithms used by Google (and other search engines) reward websites with previously established credibility, so entering a search term with the words 'online betting' included anywhere is likely to bring up the industry’s tried and tested big guns rather than any of the new kids on the block. Of course, this can be circumvented somewhat by adding 'new' to the search term but even then, you’ll have to do an awful lot of click-based research to sift through the various hits in order to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Fortunately, there's a much easier way to seek out new bookmaker sites nowadays. Indeed, the advent of handy listings websites like ‌make finding new bookmakers a breeze as they act as a one-stop shop, listing all of the latest online betting sites in the same place. This takes all of the effort away from the search process by instantly providing all of the resources and data that would otherwise take an age to accumulate.

Choosing New Sports Betting Sites

While all new betting sites share the same characteristic of being new, that’s probably the only real concrete aspect they're likely to have in common. After all, new platforms need to stand out if they’re going to have any chance of finding a niche for themselves, so being generic isn’t really an option. Punters need to keep a few things in mind when drawing up a shortlist of runners and riders. The most obvious aspect to consider is the kinds of odds and markets a new site offers: punters with less mainstream tastes should definitely zero in on new sites covering obscure sports and niche events.

User experience is another feature that can be used to drill down punters' choices. Sites with intuitive interfaces and hassle-free navigation should go straight to the head of the queue, as should those whose software is seamlessly compatible with punters’ preferred devices. The final and potentially most important point to consider when choosing a new betting site is promotions and bonuses. While most new sites will invariably offer them in one guise or another, it’s up to individual bettors to determine which will tickle their own particular fancies.

Advantages to New Online Betting Sites

It’s often taken for granted that established online bookies provide the best betting experience. After all, they look more glitzy. The fact is though that the platforms they’re based on aren’t as evergreen as those on which newer sites are built. This means that updating software, implementing significant changes and integrating new products tends to be a difficult and, more often than not, pretty time-consuming process.

This is in stark contrast to new online betting sites. The young upstarts who design and create these platforms build them around the most up-to-date software and include the very latest features from day one of their inception. This means that cutting-edge gambling features like virtual sports betting, dedicated mobile apps and live streaming/in-play betting aren’t cumbersome add-ons or convoluted afterthoughts, they’re fully integrated and expertly conceived to provide the most intuitive gambling experience available.

Combine this with the often generous promotions and bonuses (typically in the form of free bets) new sites offer and it’s clear to see why so many punters these days are adopting an ‘out with the old, in the new’ outlook.