Enhanced Odds

It’s fair to say that as digital technology continues to develop pace, online betting sites are desperately competing to be the first to roll out the next big online gambling innovation. After all, those companies that developed relatively recent innovations like in-play betting and cashout before their competitors experienced massive surges of interest, drawing in new punters by the bucketload and leaving their envious rivals to play catch up through gritted teeth.

Of course, this is great news for bettors as it keeps things fresh and interesting and, more often than not, results in some enticing promotions being banded around. This is certainly true of one of the industry’s most recent creation: enhanced odds. Chances are you will have seen offers for enhanced odds popping up whenever there’s a big weekend of sport or large event on.

The reason for this is that offering enhanced odds is a great way to get new players to sign up to an online bookmaker. Large events often provide a good range of very fluid markets to bet on too. If you’re a little unsure about what enhanced odds are then don’t worry; we’ll give you a heads up below. We’ll also tell you where to find them and highlight some of the advantages they have over traditional odds.

Enhanced Odds Bookmakers

What are Enhanced Odds?

Let’s keep things simple. Essentially, enhanced odds are short-term offers that provide greatly increased odds. In general, these offers are normally offered for a certain type of bet and are typically only made available to new players on sign up.

On the surface, they appear quite similar (to the uninitiated, at least) to free bets. The crux with enhanced odds offers however is that they’re not guaranteed. While they’ll generally provide punters with better value for their money, there’s always the (relatively small) risk that they won’t win. It’s worth noting that different enhanced odds comes with different terms and conditions attached, so betters would do well to get themselves suitably clued up beforehand.

Finding Enhanced Odds Offers

As enhanced odds is still a relatively recent innovation, it’s not something that’s universally available at every online bookmaker at this moment in time. Those that do offer them tend to make a modest fuss, especially when there’s a really high-profile event like the World Cup on, so checking out bookies’ social media pages periodically is often a good way to find enhanced odds.

Another option is to go down the ever-popular route of simply typing ‘enhanced odds offers’ into Google and seeing what flashes up. Syphoning through the many and varied results can be quite a tedious process though so you’ll need to have a bit of time on your hands if you want to find the really good stuff.

Bettors who aren’t blessed with lots of spare time (and who is these days?) may find heading to a listings website like FreeBets.net ‌a more convenient option. These handy sites are a great resource for finding enhanced odds offers as they tell you who’s offering what in a refreshingly clear and concise way. They’re also bang up-to-date – a vital aspect to bear in mind, particularly when there’s a big tournament or event on.

Advantages to Enhanced Odds

The main advantage of enhanced odds betting is, quite simply, that it gives punters the chance to win more money. Indeed, when you look at it rationally, there really is very little to lose, especially if you’d probably make the same bet anyway, even with the original odds. Think about it: if you believe a football team has a pretty good chance of winning a game and then you find out the odds (courtesy of an enhanced odds offer) are going to be increased from two times to four, six or even times the amount of your bet, then it really is a no brainer.

Enhanced Odds vs Traditional Odds

As enhanced odds are essentially promotional offers dressed up as enticing ‘specials’, they differ from traditional odds in a number of significant ways. The most important distinction to highlight is with regard to payments – it’s typically the case that any winnings earned via enhanced odds come in the form of free bets. It’s also the case that the winnings are only for the difference, i.e the amount that has been enhanced. It’s also worth highlighting the fact that, unlike traditional odds, enhanced odds are usually limited to a set amount; any bets over the set amount will in most cases be invalid for the offer. Many bettors believe though that the substantial profits to be made from these offers outweigh any possible inconvenience.