Cash Out Betting

Cash Out betting is hugely popular in the betting community and it’s not hard to see why. Players can exit a bad decision early and save most of their cash with a cash out bet, so that is bound to appeal!

It is not available in every market but let’s look at the online betting sites that do offer it and how you can take advantage.

Best Cash Out Betting Sites

Best Online Betting Sites Offering Cashout

Choose from a range of fantastic UK online Cashout betting offers. Is one of your bets looking like a bad decision? There is a way out- cash out, get some of your stake back and live to fight another day!

What Is The Meaning Of Cash Out Betting?

Cash out offers punters a way to either profit early from a smart bet or minimise their losses on a bad bet.

Cash out lets players feel in control- when watching live, you can see your bet looking doomed to failure and are no longer helpless. Or the bet may be going your way for now, but your gut instinct tells you that things are about to change, so you take the money and quit while you’re ahead.

It works like this:

  1. Place your bet
  2. Watch the event live and look out for live cash out updates on your wager. You might want to take a quick profit or get back some of a potential loss
  3. Choose a cash out offer if it looks a good deal to you
  4. Click Cashout now
  5. Job done-the funds get added to your account balance

Cash Out Betting Options

They can vary between betting sites, but 3 popular choices are:

1. Full Bet

The standard cash out option where your total bet is settled at the current odds and your profit is guaranteed or your loss is minimised depending on how your bet is playing out in real time.

2. Partial Cash Out

Partial Cash Out is where you cash out part of your original stake but stay in the bet with the rest of your wager. A little insurance policy for you- enjoy a little safety net as you know you can get a certain amount of your stake back no matter what happens.

3. Multiple Bets

Perfect for accumulators, this happens when bookies let you cash out on your multiple bets before all the legs have finished. E.g. you have a 5 leg acca and the first 3 go your way, you can cash out and quit while you’re ahead.

Which Betting Sites Can You Cash Out On?

It is very common these days, so you’ll find lots of options. Popular cash out betting sites in the UK include:

  • Ladbrokes
  • 10Bet
  • Paddy Power
  • William Hill
  • BetFair
  • BetFair SportsBook
  • Coral
  • Betway
  • BetVictor
  • Bet365


Cash out is a great feature that punters quite like. It’s a risk minimizer and a handy little insurance policy for when a wager looks like taking a turn for the worst! With it you can

  • Grab a reduced profit early
  • Minimize a potentially bad loss
  • Take advantage of it on a range of sports
  • Enjoy the added excitement value it brings when watching live sports