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Rugby is huge in the UK, Ireland and France. Tournaments like the 6 nations have now become huge tourist and social events as people gather to watch the games. Media coverage is at an all time high and a game once considered to be elite and exclusive has now been embraced with enthusiasm and affection by the wider public.

2019 is a world cup year and all eyes will be on Japan in September. If you’re new to the sport, this is a good time to get to know it!

Top Rugby Free Bets

Finding Rugby Free Bets & Offers

Rugby free bets come in a variety of forms and you can expect an explosion of activity in this area as we approach the world cup in Autumn. Expect welcome offers and sign-up bonus deals to include free bets.

Regular bettors can expect sites to reward them with loyalty offers containing free bet options. We’ve looked at everything you can expect to see, compiled them into a neat list above so all you have to do is choose, click and go. Rest assured, you’ll find rugby free bet offers in all of them.

How to Claim Free Rugby Bets & Offers

New rugby betting sites crop up all the time to compete with the established players. They’ll have some special offers for sure, but you’ll generally find that there are a few factors common to most new online bookies.

But it’s all worth the effort when your free bet wins and you feel that winning buzz! All the sites listed above include free bet opportunities, so you don’t have to go far.

Free No Deposit Rugby Bets

Looking for one of these?- join the queue, who isn’t! The good news is they do exist, and you’ve got nothing to lose as long as you are happy to accept the likely reality that you will have to bet again before you can withdraw your winnings ( in the event that your free bet strikes gold). The biggest and most popular rugby games are where you’ll most likely encounter free no deposit bets.

In 2019, that means you’ll get them at the world cup in Japan. Expect huge markets, varying odds and frantic betting activity in the lead up to October- look closely and you’ll see free no deposit bet offers for sure. Failing that, just come back to Free Bets and we’ll point you to them!

How to Bet on Rugby

It’s no different to football betting. You need to look at the same things: the betting website, odds & markets, offers and bonuses, mobile apps etc. Start with the list above because it has got the offers angle covered. From there, see what you like and dislike about the site. Try a few and compare.

Markets in rugby betting are getting broader each year - game-winner, tournament winner, top try scorer, half-time score, number of tries, winning margins and on the list goes. You may find that a site offering a unique or unexpected market is the one that catches your eye. Trust your instinct and go for it.

Best Rugby Events to Bet On

The Rugby World Cup

Every 4 years, the top rugby nations battle it out for the right to be crowned the best in the world. This time, the New Zealand All Blacks are going for a historic three in a row but a few other countries like Ireland, England and Australia will have something to say about that!

500,000 foreign fans are expected to descend upon a range of Japanese host cities for the biggest tournament in world rugby. The action (48 matches) takes place between September 20th and November 2nd and this is the first Rugby World Cup to be staged in Asia.

The Six Nations

The Six Nations Championship is a rugby union competition between the teams of England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales. It is played every year and generates huge fan interest, in these countries in particular.

Each team plays each other once, the team with the most points at the end wins the tournament or if one team defeats all others, they claim a Grand Slam. Fans, media and players love it. It features cross border and international rivalries and is know for the intensity of the games as well as the passion of the crowd. It is played between February and March every year.

The Pro 14

The Pro14 is an annual rugby union competition where club teams from Ireland, Italy, Scotland, South Africa and Wales do battle. It represents one of the three major professional leagues in Europe and the prize at stake is a chance to play in the prestigious European Rugby Champions Cup.

Best Rugby Betting Markets

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