Horse Racing Free Bets & Offers

Not only is horse racing one of the most popular sports to gamble on in the UK, but many online bookmakers regularly hand out horse racing free bet offers. This is normally done as part of a strategy to get you to sign up to the sportsbook and fund your new account with them, although free no deposit horse racing bets are not unheard of. Once you have placed your first flutter, you will then be given credit to wager more at the horse racing betting site.

Top Horse Racing Free Bets

Finding Horse Racing Free Bet Offers

With so many online sportsbooks these days, it could take many furlongs to comb through them all to find the best one for your betting needs. Thankfully online news and review sites like collate lists that are constantly updated so you will not miss out on the next best deal.

If you use a regular online bookmaker, you should be able to sign up for text and email alerts that will let you know straight away if the sportsbook launches any horse racing free bet offers or promotions. Many online betting sites will use their social media channels to announce any new offers, so keep an eye on those as well.

Choosing Horse Racing Betting Offers

Just because an online bookmaker is offering you free horse racing bets does not necessarily mean you should jump on it and ride it into the sunset. The first thing you want to do is check the small print. Does the free bet require the odds to be above a certain amount and if so, is it then worth the time or risk? Does it have to be used within a certain period of time?

The next piece of information to check is how you can actually spend the horse racing free bets. Can the credit be used on any type of wager, or is it limited to one specific type like a single stake? Or can it only be used to bet on horses in a specific country or race? Generally, most offers can be used in a variety of horse racing markets and betting types, including each-way bets, doubles, trebles and even accumulators. If you do use it as part of an accumulator, ensure you are meeting the minimum odds betting criteria.

If it is a free no deposit horse racing bet on the table, then you might think it is a steal, but make sure to check out the minimum wagering requirements for withdrawing your funds. There is nothing more frustrating than winning free horse racing bets only to discover you cannot withdraw the winnings because of a technicality.

Horse Racing Betting Sites

Most of the top horse racing betting sites are not exclusively for horse racing, but also cover many different sports and activities. This is more convenient for punters looking to place gambles on multiple sports, and also means there may be some crossovers or general free bet offers that you can mix and match between different sports or racing types. The top betting sites may also offer a specific app for phones and tablets aimed specifically at horse racing fans. These useful tools make it easier to check for horse racing news and results in races.

These different betting sites are also in competition with one another, vying for your custom, which is why so many of them offer free horse racing bets to new members. It's always a good idea to compare what different bookmakers and sportsbooks are offering before signing up.

Once you have joined and used up your free gamble, see if there are any more opportunities to earn more. Several popular bookmakers have loyalty schemes where you earn points when you place a wager. These points can then be traded for prizes or more free bets.

Keep in mind you can have memberships with several horse racing sites. That way, you are able to take advantage of all their different horse racing sign-up offers. If you do have more than one bookmaker account, try to make sure you don’t spread your betting too thin, instead focusing on the one with the better odds or best chance of more free horse racing bets.

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