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Golf - some love it, some hate it. But there is no denying it has a huge fanbase worldwide and the many tournaments, especially the majors, generate a massive buzz among players, fans and media. Sports fans like to place bets on golf all year round and it is a sport that creates some very interesting odds and markets.

Top Golf Free Bets

Best Golf Betting Sites with Free Bets

Golf is big business, so there are a lot of bookmakers out there with a wide range of offers on the game. Want to get in on the action for free? Look no further, all the options listed above contain golf free bet opportunities. These range from bets for new signups all the way to loyalty free bets for existing customers. Free Bets have researched the various kinds of free bets out there and have drawn up a list with your name on it!

How to Claim Free Golf Bets & Offers

There are a few factors involved and they can vary from bookie to bookie.

But it’s all worthwhile, especially if your free bet comes home a winner! And remember, we’ve searched the sites offering free bets and listed them above.

Free No Deposit Golf Bets

The holy grail of free bets! Everyone wants one of these as there is no obligation on your part, it’s literally a free swing! If you’re wondering what the catch is, well, you may find there are some conditions in place requiring you to bet again ( if your wager wins) before you can withdraw. But that seems a small price to pay. You’ll likely find a free no deposit bet on one of the Majors as these tournaments are so popular. Outside of these, free no deposit bets are rare. Should any arise, this is the place you’ll find them.

How to Bet on Golf

Choose an offer above, visit a site and see what you make of the experience. You will land on a sports betting website featuring golf among a range of other popular sports like football and tennis. Your free bet option may even cross over into another sport.

Some of these sites will contain some information to help you make an informed decision- e.g. a player’s current form, previous tournament winners etc. Signup to the site, take a look around, do some digging, take advantage of your free bet and see if your luck is in! Odds and markets vary per site so don’t hesitate to try more than one site.

Best Golf Events to Bet On

The 4 Majors

The 4 majors always catch the public eye the most- with these, everyone gets in on the action! Focus on these and you can’t go too far wrong.

The Masters

The Masters is an exclusive tournament where the best on the circuit compete for the most prestigious trophy in Golf. Played at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia, this is probably the event golf fans look forward to and talk about more than any other. The Masters is invitation only and features the smallest field of all the majors, usually under 100 players.

The US Open

This major is played at a different location each year and attracts huge crowds and publicity. It is known for difficult courses that have tight fairways, challenging greens, demanding pin positions. It’s also the most democratic with no barrier to entry for either women or junior players, as long as they meet amateur handicap rules.

The Open Championship

The final major in the calendar, this is commonly known as the British Open. Noted for being the oldest professional golf tournament and is played on links courses which are generally coastal, flat and have strong winds at times. The Open is a real test of skill and golfing ability in challenging conditions.

The PGA Championship

Win the PGA and you get a lifetime invite back! The PGA Championship is also the only major to invite all winners of PGA Tour events in the year before the tournament. High heat and crisp green courses are a feature as the event takes place in the USA summer sunshine.

Looking for a few more? Try these:

The Ryder Cup

The Ryder Cup - played every 2 years in either Europe or the USA- two teams (one European, one American) face off in this massive one-off golf event.

The Players Championship

The Players Championship -played in May in the USA, currently offers the highest prize fund of any tournament in golf. It takes place in Florida and is considered by many to be the unofficial "fifth major!"

Best Golf Betting Markets

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