Euro 2020 Offers & Free Bets

Held on even years between World Cup tournaments, the quadrennial UEFA European Football Championship is the world’s premier international federation footballing tournament. Football fans love the plethora of high quality matches between giants of the sport, while punters can’t get enough of the many and varied betting opportunities the re-jigged 24-team format affords.
Of course, tournaments of this kind are a dream for punters who like to make free bets. Indeed, savvy bettors who take the time to visit Euro 2020 betting sites in the lead up to the tournament may well put themselves in the frame to win big if they do their homework properly.

Top Euro 2020 Free Bets

Finding Euro 2020 Free Bet Offers

It’s fair to say finding free bets is easier today than it’s ever been. Even a cursory examination of the major betting sites reveals you’re likely to find an opportunity to place a free bet of some kind or another within one or two clicks of arriving at a landing page. What’s more, there are now websites on hand that'll search out the best free betting offers and provide a list of the most attractive offerings all in one handy place. is a good one to keep in mind in this respect, as it does all the legwork for you and presents the all-important info in a clear, easy-to-digest way. It’s fair to say the number of free bet offers, like the number of sites offering them, will rise exponentially when the countdown to Euro 2020 starts proper. For sure, a wealth of new sites and platforms are likely to spring up online in the days following the qualifying draw later this year (2 December). Similarly, most of the major betting sites will probably start promoting their own Euro 2020 free bet offers with gusto as soon as all the play-off matches have concluded in March 2020.

Choosing Euro 2020 Betting Offers

It's likely there will be so many betting options available during Euro 2020 that you could, if you were so inclined, make a different free bet every single day of the tournament and not repeat yourself once. Straightforward punts will include betting on the outcome of any of the games that take place, from the group stages to the final, as well as betting on who will win each of the groups. The old favourites of guessing who’ll make it to the quarter/semi-finals and, of course, which team will lift the title at Wembley on 12 July will feature prominently too. These are all good options and can, if you’re lucky and/or know your stuff, provide decent rewards.

If you’re looking for something slightly different then you may want to put a stake on which team will end up being one of the four best third-placed sides to progress to the tournament’s second stage (round of 16). This is likely to be a less-publicised option as it was only introduced in Euro 2016. However, the unpredictable nature of football and the ever-fluctuating odds that are likely to be presented before and during the tournament could make it a potentially very lucrative avenue for football-savvy bettors to explore and, hopefully, exploit.

Euro 2020 Betting Sites

As mentioned earlier, bettors will have their pick of Euro 2020 betting sites to choose from in the months ahead. While all the major players will be falling over themselves to tempt punters with promotions of every kind, it makes sense to put those offering free no-deposit Euro 2020 bet treats at the top of the list. Platforms offering Euro 2020 sign up offers should get preference too. In general, the best sites tend to be those that are updated regularly with relevant and helpful content.

Suffice to say, there will be some websites springing up with the sole remit of trying to sting over-enthusiastic punters with fabulous odds and/or tantalising promotions. These platforms are normally (though not always) easy to suss-out as they tend to look a little rough around the edges and over-egg their ‘promotions’ to the nth degree. Do yourself a favour and steer clear of any site that’s packed with images of players who retired more than five years ago.

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