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Cycling is not the most obvious betting market, but you’ll find there’s quite a lot of value to be found in this niche market. The cycling tour season is packed with international events featuring some of the best cyclists in the world. The top betting sites recognise this and provide some interesting markets for you to take advantage of. The Tour de France is the most famous event in cycling and draws the crowds, but you’ll find markets for a range of other races too.

Top Cycling Free Bets

Finding Cycling Free Bets & Offers

From road cycling or track racing betting, you’ll find plenty of events throughout the year which offer value markets and free bet offers. While less popular than more mainstream sports, cycling betting offers do crop up around the time of the bigger races and you’ll usually find them when the Tour de France is happening.

Cycling betting sites are offering more welcome offers and bonuses every year to attract a wider audience. So, you’ll find cycling sign up offers and free cycling bets in various corners of the web. You don’t have to search for them, we’ve already done that- just pick an offer from the list above and place a bet.

Claiming Free Cycling Bets & Offers

Cycling betting offers solid odds and varied markets as well as promotions featuring free cycling bets. Claiming these is pretty simple but things to be aware of include:

Hardly major obstacles and you just know that free bet winning feeling is always worth it! Don’t forget, the sites listed above all contain free bet opportunities, so it’s time for you to choose.

Free No Deposit Cycling Bets

Nothing beats a free swing at a winning return and that’s exactly what you get with the dream scenario of a free no deposit bet. It’s mostly all upside with the only down being the likelihood that you will probably have to bet again before you can withdraw any winnings. This only applies if your free bet comes back a winner and by that point, you’ll be too busy punching the air with delight!

The biggest and most popular cycling tournaments are where you’ll find free no deposit bets, so the Tour de France is your best shot. A lot of first-time cycling bets get placed here and the bookies see it as a good chance to get some new customers in. Free Bets have put together a great list of offers above so there’s nothing for you to do but choose.

How to Bet on Cycling

Cycling may not be a major betting market, but there are a range of markets available, particularly around the time of a major event. Races can be won outright, and riders compete to claim specific jerseys. Sprint finishes is an interesting betting market as is King of the Mountains ( awarded to the best climber).

Take a look at our list of cycling betting sites above, choose an offer and see if the markets available at the site are what you’re looking for. Try a few sites and do a comparison until you find a site that suits.

Best Cycling Events to Bet On

Tour de France

The most famous cycling race in the world is an annual men's multiple stage race. It is mostly held in France, but also briefly passes through nearby countries. It consists of 21 day-long stages over the course of 23 challenging days and is considered to be a real test of stamina, endurance and strength.

Nearly 200 cyclists race over 2,000 miles each summer and millions of people line the route to catch a glimpse of the cycling stars. 22 teams of 9 riders each compete across flat and mountain terrain in this gruelling race.

Giro d'Italia

The Giro d’Italia is a prestigious, famous race and one part of cycling's three grand tours. It is made up of 21 stages and takes place over three weeks where the riders tour Italian cities and countryside, including the stunning Alps mountains.

Starting in the south, the tour gradually heads north to the finish in Turin after taking in a bit of France on the way. About 189 riders from 22 teams of nine start the race and they represent teams belonging to cycling's top division.

La Vuelta España

This is an annual multi-stage race primarily held in Spain. It is the third and final Grand Tour of the summer race season.

It features testing summit finishes and is another massive cycling challenge for the participants. This year it takes place between August 24 and September 15. It finishes with a flat race around Madrid.

Best Cycling Betting Markets

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