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Baseball is a popular American sport which has attracted a global fan base with leagues also played in places like Japan and Mexico. It’s an unpredictable game and the rules take a bit of getting used to. But it’s well worth investing a little time in baseball as there are lots of top value betting opportunities.
Whatever markets you are interested in, you can now find them with most UK and European bookies. Major League Baseball is the most famous baseball league and plays over 160 games a season.

Top Baseball Free Bets

Finding Baseball Free Bets & Offers

Baseball may be the most ‘American’ of all the US sports, but sports fans everywhere are on the lookout for value betting markets, so the betting audience is very much an international one. This means you will find baseball free bet offers at baseball betting sites.

When the World Series reaches playoff stage, you can expect to find free bet opportunities, welcome promotions and baseball sign up offers. Everyone is on the hunt for a good offer, take a look at our list above which has an offer to suit you. We’ve looked at the best baseball betting sites for free bets and other offers and listed them above.

Claiming Free Baseball Bets & Offers

An interesting and unique selection of markets exits for baseball betting and interest is growing. Free bet offers crop up and while claiming free baseball bets is relatively simple, the following considerations usually apply:

You’ll quickly forget about all of this if you’re free baseball bet wins you a tidy sum. Everything is worth it when you win right? Time to check out our offers list above and get that winning feeling!

Free No Deposit Baseball Bets

The equivalent of a betting home run! Every sports fan’s dream offer- fun, excitement and zero risk all in one package - what’s not to love? Free no deposit bets will most likely appear during the world Series playoffs and onwards as these are the most publicised and eye-catching games. The baseball betting sites will be looking for your business during these games and will load their sites with enticing offers.

Free Bets have put together a list of offers above, so this is your starting point to find a free no deposit bet offer. Note, if you’re free no deposit bet wins, you will likely have to place another bet before being able to claim your winnings. This is to be expected across all betting sites and is a standard industry practice.

How to Bet on Baseball

These days you can bet on everything from the World Series to a league in South Korean thanks to the popularity of online betting. You’re looking out for good value prices and strong market depth as well as good offers, accumulators and maybe special deals for mobile betting.

The key markets are the "money line", the "run line" and "game totals". The money line is the outright winner market. Rune line betting lets you hedge your bets on a close match by betting on an evenly-matched underdog. Game totals is where bookmakers pick the total number of runs and you guess if they will be over or under.

Start with our baseball betting offers list, visit a sportsbook and choose baseball. It’s always a good idea to try more than one site and do a comparison. Study what is on offer and let your instinct guide you.

Best Baseball Events to Bet On

NCAA Baseball

This is college baseball and the final rounds of the NCAA tournaments are known as the College World Series. The National Collegiate Athletic Association is a huge deal for kids in the US. 64 teams are divided into 16 regional locations: the winner advances to play the winner of another regional - and on it goes until the field is down to 8 and these teams battle it out for the title.

World Series

The Major League Baseball series advances to the playoff stage where the winners of each league meet in the best-of-seven World Series. The winning team is awarded the Commissioner's Trophy. You can place bets at the start of the season on who you think will make or win the World Series. The 2018 World Series was a battle between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Boston Red Sox with the team from Boston claiming victory.

Premier 12

This is an international baseball tournament organized by the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC). The twelve best-ranked national baseball teams in the world face off in this competition every four years. They are drawn into three groups of four- two teams from each group advance to the next stage with the top two teams from this stage reaching the final.

World Baseball Classic

This is an international baseball tournament which takes place every 4 years. It was designed to bring the best baseball teams together and promote the sport around the world. A mix of countries compete for the title of World Champion. It is something of a replacement for baseball at the Olympics ( which stopped in 2011). It features professional players from the major leagues around the world, including Major League Baseball. Sixteen teams participate - the first two rounds are round-robin to get to the final four semi-final positions.

Best Baseball Betting Markets

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